Building a new version of the uboonecode product

You want to build all 4 flavors in develop branch. This means updating your srcs/uboonecode, ala git checkout develop; git pull origin develop or if it's already tagged you can clone from scratch mrb g uboonecode vX_YY_ZZ.

Go to the directory parallel to your srcs directory and do the by-now-usual mrb newDev -vX_YY_ZZ -qe4:prof -T prof.slf5.vX_YY_ZZ -f; source localProductsBlahBlahBlah/setup, cd build; source mrb s; mrb i -j4.

Now, that's the first one. Now we want to do it again with prof->debug everywhwere above. But, we want to install to the same place, cuz we're gathering up all the installed stuff at one localProductsBlahBlahBlah, not having them scattered at the 4 locations. So change the mrb i -j4 to mrb i -j4 -I path/to/prof.slf5.vX_YY_ZZ/localProductsBlahBlahBlah/.

Now, go get on uboonegpvm04, which is an slf6 machine, and mrb newDev prof.slf6.vX_YY_ZZ and build and install as above with the -I flag and same argument. Do it again with debug.slf6.vX_YY_ZZ.

Finally go to path/to/prof.slf5.vX_YY_ZZ/localProductsBlahBlahBlah, and install:

cp -r vX_YY_ZZ /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone/uboonecode 
cp -r vX_YY_ZZ.version /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone/uboonecode