Notes by Nathaniel about configuration of the near1 machine.
Also documented in REQ000000182884 to CD.

These are a list of changes that have been made to ubdaq-prod-near1 to support online monitoring and related tools. No action is required, but the default configuration should be modified to reflect these changes:

- add principal 'tagg' to .k5login That's me, so I can make config changes and kill rogue processes.

- Added yum modules:
(yum install) perl-Time-HiRes perl-JSON httpd libpng-devel
- httpd started up with
chkconfig httpd on --level 5
service httpd start

- Added files:
which are simple files for pointing at the deployment. These files currently point at my custom test deployment, and will be changed in future to point at the production deployment (when we have a mechanism for that).