Task Lists

The development of the MicroBooNE DAQ and Monitoring system is a joint effort between the collaboration and the Fermilab Computing Division Real-Time Software Infrastructure (RTSI) group (formerly referred to as CET). The RTSI group has been developing software common to the DAQ systems of most Intensity Frontier experiments. MicroBooNE wishes to take advantage of these software packages where possible. The MicroBooNE collaboration provides the necessary customizing to the experiment-specific readout hardware and monitoring systems.

Coordination between the RTSI and MicroBooNE DAQ groups is key to efficient development of the final product. A listing of tasks, and assignment of tasks to specific individuals, is a path to coordination.

Run Control Development Tasks

Here is a list of tasks and who is working on them. The "Tier" column represents the order that the tasks must be completed in. "Tier 1" tasks need to be completed before "Tier 2" tasks, and so on.

Task Person Working on it Last update Tier Completed?
Updating the scripts in DAQOperationTools/
==> Specifically "bin/"
Joseph Zennamo, David Kaleko none 3 Ongoing
Making Redmine/Wiki readable/organized Anyone! Everyone? none 4 (as time passes this will become more important) Ongoing
Adding uBooNE specific "names" to RunControl code Anne Schukraft, Joseph Zennamo, David Kaleko none 2? No
Clean up "uboonedaq/config", removing redundant and unnecessary parts David Kaleko none 4 No
Adding "config" directory to uboonedaq/ Joseph Zennamo none 3 Done, committed
Adding new env. variables for the config directory to the startup script:
Joseph Zennamo none 3 Done, committed
Updating UPS libraries to v3_00_03, fixing setup scripts accordingly Gennadiy, Rashid 120613 1 Done? Committed?