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cd integtest
Check if the main fhicl file is in the directory. Currently there is a symbolic link in this directory called production_LArTF_config.fcl that will point to the latest FHiCL file that should be used to take data.
You can check this file by looking asking Kazu. The code developers should specify the main fhicl file when making a new release.

Now after a while you'll see some windows. one says hit me or something.

Tips of Data Taking

Here are Matt Toups's edits for the shifters to find when they follow the link here:
1. There will be a bunch of errors on the seb terminals that you should just ignore. They are:
a. [ Bad XMIT Status ]
b. [ Bad FEM Status ] repeated up to 15 times per event
c. [CRITICAL] SuperNova data drain incomplete (block ID unchanged in FEM buffer)
d. [CRITICAL] Data drain failure (header and ADC data not drained simultaneously)

If for example you see less than 9 windows on the right hand side of the screen, this means that one or more of the sebs died. You can check if the node is still up by pinging that seb. If any of the nodes die, then you should terminate the run by hitting enter in the terminal window.

Also, do not be alarmed if the file sizes are drastically different. For example, I just took run 215 and the first subrun was 1.4 GB large. The second file was 410 MB big. The third file was 902 MB big. The final file was 305 MB big though I hit enter to terminate the run.