Run Control Configuration

DCMs are clearly a Nova concept. The rest of this needs to be vetted to replace uB stuff for Nova stuff, as well.

There are three configuration files for the RCServer:
ResourceConfiguration lists the available DAQ processes that the RC may communicate with. Currently this is just a list of DCMs and Buffer Nodes.
RCNamedConfigs lists the named configurations for the DAQ resources. These are grouped into three different types of named configurations: Connections, Hardware and Run configurations.
RunControlConfiguration lists the configurable options for the RCServer, read in at startup time. These options may also be changed during execution time:
RCLogToDB : option to log run history information to database
RsrcMgr : resource manager. Can be either a "flatfile" or a "ResourceManager" (which doesn't exist yet)
Trigger : trigger type for the run
RunDuration: preset length of run (default value will be 24h)
SRDuration: preset length of subrun (default value will be 1h)
MaxSRSize: maximum size of each subrun file in units of MBytes.
SSTOTime: subsystem time-out time, the amount of time the RCServer will wait to receive RMS messages back from the DAQ processes it has sent messages to.
SimMode: DAQ simulation mode. Unless you know what you're doing, keep this set to zero (turned off).
EnableAll: enable all available resources upon startup
HeartRate: the frequency at which heartbeat messages are sent to the DAQ subsystems (units are in ms)
RunType: qualitative description of the data being collected. eg, "test" vs "production"
Comment: comment field that will be written to the log file (or dB)