Port Assignments for different users

These go into your ospl.xml file.

Below are assigned ports. Ask one of us for yours if you're new to the effort.

Also, take note on LArTF machines (ubdaq-prod-xyz) of the new (wrt uboonedaq-xyz) General and Partitioning clauses in the xml ...

    <NetworkService name="networking">
           <NetworkInterfaceAddress forced="true">bond0</NetworkInterfaceAddress>
           <Reconnection allowed="true" />
            <GlobalPartition Address=""/>
            <Channel enabled="true" name="BestEffort" reliable="false">
            <Channel enabled="true" name="Reliable" reliable="true" default="true">
        <Discovery enabled="true">

Eric: 49293/5/8
Wes: 49393/5/8 
Gennadiy: 49493/5/8 
Leonidas: 49593/5/8
Kazu: 49053/5/8
David K: 49693/5/8
Gabriel: 49830/3/5   <-- what-what?!
Ben J: 51193/5/8
Zarko: 49193/5/8
Nathaniel: 49793/5/8
Anne: 50093/5/8
Kurt: 49413/5/8
Yun-Tse: 52293/5/8
David C: 52393/5/8
Matt B: 49613/5/8
Donatella: 52493/5/8
Andy Furmanski: 52593/5/8

uboonedaq: 49993/5/8