Notes on Slow monitoring and Controls

The file below lists all relevant details of slow monitoring boxes that are at DAB and LArTF:

uboonedaq user directory

  • IOC start script is in home directory
  • copy of crontab is in $HOME/crontab, load with command `crontab crontab`, boots IOC on reboot of SMC

Time from power-on to start of IOC is about 1 minute.

Linux configuration notes for Glomation boxes

  There is no nameserver on the subnet, and no gateway at to outside the subnet.
  Make sure there are no "server" lines in resolv.conf, or else any gethostbyname attempt blocks command for minutes as it tries to contact the server.
  /etc/hosts needs an entry for the host's own name.

  Remove /var/lib/ntp/ntp.conf.dhcp if present.
  Add smc and evb's private subnet addresses to /etc/ntp.conf.

  Lack of gateway to outside net means packages can't be installed by apt

  was not installed in original image, add by downloading the .deb file for wheezy armel, and dpkg --install it.

  If we want to be able to sudo in uboonedaq user's crontab, have to let uboonedaq sudo without password.
  Add this line to /etc/sudoers
      uboonedaq ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL

annoyance fix:
  add "export LANG=C" to .profile to avoid annoying warnings