Instructions for Installing Ganglia as UPS Product

Follow the instructions for installing rrdtool as UPS Product:

Instructions for Installing rrdtool as UPS Product

UPS Product Installation for apr

UPS Product Installation for confuse

UPS Product Installation for ganglia v3_2_0


setup ganglia

will then make available the following ganglia executables:

  • gmond
  • A lightweight daemon that will be installed on every machine to be monitored. Uses a simple listen/announce protocol via XDR
    to collect monitoring state and then shares this information via XML over TCP.
  • Location in ups is $GANGLIA_DIR/sbin
  • gmetad
  • A daemon that collects data from other gmetad and gmond sources and stores their state to disk in indexed round-robin databases.
    Provides a simple query mechanism for collecting historical information from groups of machines.
  • Location in ups is $GANGLIA_DIR/sbin
  • gmetric
  • A command line application that can be used to inject custom made metrics about hosts that are being monitored by ganglia.
  • Location in ups is $GANGLIA_DIR/bin
  • gstat
  • A command line application that can be used to query gmond for metric information directly.
  • Location in ups is $GANGLIA_DIR/bin