Private IP Standards at LArTF

The private network at LArTF: 192.168.144.x (here “x” ranges from 1 to 254)
While configuring a device to assign an IP on the PRODUCTION private network, use
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
IP address: –

The private2 network is 192.168.151.x. Only things associated to the Computer room test stand are on this network.
While configuring a device to assign an IP on the TESTSTAND private network, use
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
IP address: –

Private 192.168.144.x

Address blocks

Please follow the table below when assigning IP addresses to -PRIV net devices at LArTF. The standards
above are set to make sure that each device gets a unique IP address.

IP range Device type
1 Cisco DAQ Room Switch
2 – 15 Misc. server room support devices
16 – 47 ubdaq-* computer private addresses
48 – 99 (unassigned)
100 – 127 more ubdaq-* computer private addresses
128 – 149 (unassigned)
150 – 160 HV control (PMT, Drift HV and others)
161 – 175 (unassigned)
176 – 188 misc. uB devices (MuCS Laptop, R-Pi Camera...)
189 smc
190 DAQ/SMC shifter laptop
191 – 199 Oscilloscopes and pulsers
200 – 226 glomations [Note 1]
227 – 234 Other devices [Note 2]
235 – 254 Wiener power supplies

[Note 1] Important note: All glomation devices have MAC and IP addresses printed on them (on the front panel),
so the glomation ID # and IP address are connected and is to be left unchanged. One is not allowed to
pick a glomation and try to randomly assign an IP address (even within the standards of the above table),
there has to be a one-to-one connection b/n the glomation ID # and IP address as printed on the front
panel of the glomation.

[Note 2] Addresses in this range are assigned dynamically by the dhcpd daemon running on ubdaq-prod-smc if the dhcpd daemon is running. Certain devices have reserved addresses within this range, including 3 switches as noted below. As of 2016/03/30, the dhcp daemon is not running, and all devices must be configured statically.

Specific addresses

Assigned IP address list and devices
IP address Device type Location
1 Cisco DAQ Room Switch Networks rack
15 A TemperatureGuard device of some kind unknown
18 – 25 ubdaq-prod-seb01 – ubdaq-prod-seb08 DAQR4
26, 27 ubdaq-prod-seb09, ubdaq-prod-seb10 DAQR3
28 ubdaq-prod-evb DAQR3
29 ubdaq-prod-near1 DAQR2
30 ubdaq-prod-trig (future)
31 ubdaq-prod-ws01 DAQR2
32 ubdaq-prod-ws02 DAQR2
41 ubdaq-prod-near2 DAQR?
42 uboonedaq-evb-priv-prod (not ubdaq-prod-evb-priv) DAQR?
43 ubdaq-prod-evb-jbod-web (?) DAQR3
44 unknown, running https server on port 443 ????
33, 34 Laser1 and Laser2
100 crtevb
101 – 105 crt01 - crt05
110 ubdaq-prod-smc2 DAQR?
153 ubdaq-prod-hv1vx old PMT HV controller (removed) TPC PMT/TRIG rack
176 MuCS Laptop MCS Rack on Platform
177 Raspberry Pi Camera Platform
189 ubdaq-prod-smc DAQR2
190 DAQ/SMC shifter laptop DAQ room
191 Pulser ELIZABETH
192 Pulser TPC PS
193 Oscilloscope DPO3034 DRIFT HV rack
194 Oscilloscope #2 DRIFT HV rack?
202 glomation#2 TPCR4
203 glomation#3 (spare)
204 glomation#4 CRT2 DAQ rack (previously used for PM01 rack)
205 glomation#5 TPCR2
206 glomation#6 DAQR1
207 glomation#7 under repair?
208 glomation#8 HV01 DRIFT-HV rack
209 glomation#9 TPCR5
210 glomation#10 DAQR2
211 glomation#11 TPCR3
212 glomation#12 CRTUtil rack
213 glomation#13 TPC PS
214 glomation#14 DAQR3
215 glomation#15 LSR1 LASER-1
216 glomation#16 TPC PMT/TRIG
217 glomation#17 LSR2 LASER-2
218 glomation#18 Networks rack
219 glomation#19 DAQR4
220 glomation#20 (spare)
221 glomation#21 (spare)
222 glomation#22 CRT1
223 glomation#23 HV02 Drift HV rack 2
224 glomation#24 TPCR1
225 glomation#25 Elizabeth
226 glomation#26 ZMON GIZMo ground isolation impedance monitor
228 Netgear 28c68eabcaca Netgear 8-port "smart switch"
229 Netgear 200cc849c4f1 Netgear 8-port "smart switch"
231 Netgear 28c68eabced5 Netgear 8-port "smart switch"
241 Crate1 wiener PL508 TPCR1
242, 243 Crate2 wiener PL508, Crate3 wiener PL508 TPCR2
244, 245 Crate4 wiener PL508, Crate5 wiener PL508 TPCR3
246, 247 Crate6 wiener PL508, Crate7 wiener PL508 TPCR4
248, 249 Crate8 wiener PL508, Crate9 wiener PL508 TPCR5
250 Crate10 Wiener PL508 TPC PMT/TRIG
252 MPOD Lower frame (ASICS LV) TPC PS
253 MPOD Upper frame (WIre Bias) TPC PS
254 Wiener PL512 (CRT power) CRTUtil

Note (Sowjanya Nov. 5, 2019): The glomation box #201 in the CRTUtil rack wasn't connecting to the internet so that was taken out and the box#212 from the Purity Monitor (PM02) rack and installed in the CRTUtil rack.

Glomations detailed table
See table above for rack assignment, which is subject to change if Glomations fail.

The last part of the IP address should always be (200 + g) decimal, where g is the glomation number.
The last part of the MAC address should always be (174 + g) decimal, which is (0xAE + g) hexidecimal, where g is the glomation number.

IP address MAC address 00:80:55:00:00:b0 00:80:55:00:00:b2 00:80:55:00:00:b3 00:80:55:00:00:b4 00:80:55:00:00:b5 00:80:55:00:00:b6 00:80:55:00:00:b7 00:80:55:00:00:b8 00:80:55:00:00:b9 00:80:55:00:00:ba 00:80:55:00:00:bb 00:80:55:00:00:bc 00:80:55:00:00:bd 00:80:55:00:00:be 00:80:55:00:00:bf 00:80:55:00:00:c0 00:80:55:00:00:c1 00:80:55:00:00:c6 00:80:55:00:00:c7 00:80:55:00:00:c8
Wiener power supplies (detailed) table
Wiener location IP address MAC address
(Rack/Crate No.)
TPCR1/Crate1 00:50:c2:2d:cf:e3
TPCR2/Crate2 (bottom) 00:50:c2:2d:cf:e7
TPCR2/Crate3 (top) 00:50:c2:2d:cf:ea
TPCR3/Crate4 (bottom) 00:50:c2:2d:cf:e4
TPCR3/Crate5 (top) 00:50:c2:2d:ce:bc
TPCR4/Crate6 (bottom) 00:50:c2:2d:cf:e8
TPCR4/Crate7 (top) 00:50:c2:2d:cf:e5
TPCR5/Crate8 (bottom)
TPCR5/Crate9 (top)
TPC-PMT-TRIG/Crate10 00:50:c2:2d:cf:e6
Assigned private2 IP address list and devices
IP address Device type Location uboonedaq-seb-01 TestStandRack1 ("Titus") uboonedaq-seb-10 TestStandRack1 ("Titus") uboonedaq-evb TestStandRack1 ("Titus") Pulser TestStandRack2 ("DAQR1") WienerPL508 for PMTs TestStandRack2 ("PMTTest")