Cold Electronics - Motherboard - CMOS ASIC - Cold Cables

The readout hardware located inside the cryostat vessel. Custom ASIC chips are mounted on cold Motherboards. The cold Motherboards are mounted along the edge of the TPC wire plane frame, in the liquid argon. Cold Cables carry the wire signals from the Motherboards to the inner side of the TPC feed-throughs.

FE Crate

Front-End Crate. 9-u Eurocard crates holding boards which perform the digitization and subsequent data handling. There are a total of ten Front-End crates, nine for TPC wire signals and one for PMT signals.


This is actually a generic name for a type of card one can plug into a PC motherboard - we have re-tasked this generic name to mean MicroBooNE's own custom variety. PCIe stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express. It is a computing industry standard which defines an I/O protocol and a physical form factor - anything called a PCIe card has to be able to plug into standard connectors on a PC motherboard and communicate with the CPU installed on the motherboard. Beyond that, the functionality any given PCIe card provides can be just about anything. The MicroBooNE custom PCIe boards provide an interface to the FE crates. Each SEB PC has at least 3 of these custom MicroBooNE PCIe cards. A fiber cable connects the PCIe cards in a given SEB PC to either an XMIT board or a Controller board in its corresponding FE Crate.


Sub-Event Buffer PC. A computer node serving a specific Front-End crate, and physically linked to that crate by the connection between the computer's PCIe cards and an XMIT or Controller board in the Front-End crate. The SEBs main purpose is to provide memory where the front-end electronics can place data. A processes running on each SEB manages the memory areas. The movement of data onto an SEB is asynchronous with the movement of data off an SEB; thus the SEB provides a buffer between inflow and outflow.

Warm Electronics and Warm Cables

The electronics boards and cables which carry signals between the warm side of the TPC Feed-Throughs and the digitizing or other systems. There are three board types on the Feed-Throughs. The Intermediate Amplifier board passes the TPC wire signals from the cold electronics inside the vessel to the warm cables on the outside of the vessel, with a little signal boost. The Service Board passes configuration information between control software running

More Stuff

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The basic event building process. It fetches the fragments of a single event from each of the ten SEBs and assembles them together. The assembled event is then given a header and otherwise arranged into the defined raw event format. Raw events are packed into records for all future handling and long-term storage.

Postgres (PostgreSQL)

PostgreSQL, often simply Postgres, is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS). It is an open-source software product, proposed for the MicroBooNE database.