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DAQ status_6-June-2012

06/06/2012 09:42 AM

DAQ status (coding emphasis) for 6-June-2012.

Full EPICS database and displays

04/11/2012 02:34 AM

Shows off a full EPICS database for MicroBooNE Control System, with alarms/warnings/status displays and a list of IOCs and what else is needed.

Also on DocDB as MicroBooNE-doc-1977....

SEB code architecture

09/27/2011 10:36 PM

trigger discussion

11/21/2011 12:17 PM

uB trigger discussion

11/21/2011 12:25 PM

DAQ data types II

10/30/2012 10:07 PM


Slow-monitoring hardware update

08/29/2012 10:29 AM

Slow-monitoring hardware update as of 2012/08/29, including:
- Design for single-board micro and hardware
- External connections
- Prototype status
(with pictures)

On Doc-DB as MicroBooNE-doc-2171...


07/27/2011 11:42 AM

An overview of EPICS Control System Studio (CSS) Applications.

glomation update

02/15/2012 10:51 AM

Nevis readout update

08/29/2012 10:30 AM

Databases and DBIs

11/14/2012 10:29 AM

DAQ data types III

11/21/2012 08:19 AM

PMT HV system

08/17/2011 10:14 AM

PMT HV system


08/17/2011 10:43 AM

HW update

10/12/2011 10:28 AM


10/12/2011 11:14 AM

DAQ status_25-Apr-2012

04/25/2012 10:23 AM

glomation update

08/08/2012 10:14 AM

GPS update

09/12/2012 10:04 AM

uBooNE threading proposal

08/30/2011 04:40 PM

DAQ mtg 06/15/11: Report on PCIe installation at FNAL

06/16/2011 03:11 PM

Report on PCIe card and driver software installation at FNAL, on
Some information on getting started with PCIe diagnostics & speed tests also shown.
Also in docdb #1525-v1

Readout Plan -- working draft

01/23/2013 10:46 AM


01/30/2013 11:00 AM

Alphabet soup to describe an idea to use 3 tools to do message passing.

Reference documentation

calibration schematic

08/18/2011 11:33 AM

DAQ and EPICS working together on Linux

06/15/2011 10:44 AM

Working group presentation: latest work getting the DAQ code to compile on Linux; vision/plan for pulling slow info from the SEB nodes; results of an initial EPICS+DAQ test; plan for next tasks; things to decide.

Also on DocDB as MicroBooNE-doc-1524


11/21/2012 08:20 AM

Swizzling DAQ binary output to ART ROOT.

Minutes uB DAQ mtg, 5-Dec-2012

12/05/2012 02:27 PM