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Eric Church, 02/08/2014 03:00 PM


Run a simple lar job to create mu-'s of momentum 6 GeV/c from a point source.

We will create a file containing events that each have a single muon using the code in the public development release. That means you will not need to build any code.
Go to your test release, that is your working directory. You made this in the tutorial. Set yourself up to run there, as explained at . You are going to run from fcl files and .so libraries -- the heart of the framework -- that live in the official places. You have setup uboonecode nightly (or v1_00_02, say) and against larsoft nightly (or v1_00_02). Namely, you are not using your own code. So, let's do it.

lar -c prodsingle_uboone.fcl

This fcl file will produce 10 muons through the set of modules SingleGen, LArG4, and DetSim. It starts each event with a clean slate as indicated by the EmptyEvent key word in line 21.

Change that to K+'s of lower momentum distributed throughout the TPC.

Add a module to capture some truth information in histograms and TTree branches.