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Strange errors relating to services or mysterious "file not found" (originally 12 September 2016, posted 23 November 2016)

As mentioned in last week's Analysis Tools news (docdb 6374), we are
planning on making a breaking change for this week's uboonecode
integration release such that all uboonecode fcl files will be modified to
have all services configured in the "services" block rather than

By way of background, the art framework used to require user-defined
services to be configured in the "services.user" block in fcl files, while
art built-in services were configured in the "services" block. For more
than a year, art has allowed user-defined services to be configured in
"services" (along with art built-in services), and the use of
"services.user" to configure services has been deprecated.

If you have personal fcl files, you should edit them to remove references
to "services.user" and configure all of your services directly in block

Changes that will be merged into uboonecode for this week's integration
release are contained in feature branch feature/greenlee_services_user.

Here is a short explanation of the kinds of changes you may need to make
in your personal fcl files.

1. Service parameter overrides.

The following kind of overrides:

services.user.DatabaseUtil.ShouldConnect: false

should be change to this:

services.DatabaseUtil.ShouldConnect: false

2. Configuring single services.

The following kinds of constructs:

services: {
user: {
DetectorProperties: @local::microboone_detproperties

should be replaced by:

services: {
DetectorProperties: @local::microboone_detproperties

3. Configuring multiple services.

The following kinds of constructs:

services: {
user : @local::microboone_services

Should be changed to:

services: {


Cannot merge files (5 November 2016)

An error like this came in a grid job with SAM:
%MSG-s ArtException: OpenFile 05-Nov-2016 04:03:00 CDT PostEndRun
cet::exception caught in art
---- MismatchedInputFiles BEGIN
Cannot merge file '/storage/local/data1/condor/execute/dir_9886/glide_eTWHu3/execute/dir_3976856/no_xfer/ifdh_50491_10122/PhysicsRun-2016_6_24_16_41_18-0006663-00164_20160627T184645_ext_bnb_20160628T140237_merged_20160629T022507_reco1_20160629T084913_reco2.root' due to inconsistent process histories:

This problem is an art framework issue due to change in swizzler optical
reconstruction between v04_26_04_xx and v05_08_00_xx versions of swizzler.
The issue is that the module the produces OpHits was changed.
Unfortunately, it turns out that art framework programs can read swizzled
files produced with either version of swizzler, but not in the same job.
That is, the only work around for this bug is to separate your input files
into v04- and v05-swizzled files.

That can be done with a query like this:
$>cigetcert -i "Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory" ##you need a certificate to authenticate to the SAM server in order to create datasets
$>source /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone/
$>setup uboonecode v05_XX_YY -q e9:prof #or whichever is your working version of uboonecode
$>samweb create-definition my_favorite_definition_name_v04_26 "defname: my_favorite_definition_name and ub.project: prod_v04_26%"
$>samweb create-definition my_favorite_definition_name_v05_08 "defname: my_favorite_definition_name and ub.project: prod_v05_08%"

We've created Run1 datasets that split based on this.