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h1. Getting Started with MicroBooNE Computing

Please make sure to work through the instruction [[Getting Started with MicroBooNE Computing]] that give an instruction to the interactive computing and software used by MicroBooNE.

h1. MicroBooNE Guide to using LArSoft in git/mrb world

As of 22-January-2014, LArSoft has made the leap to git/MRB, and now have O(10) repositories. MRB (multi repository build) knows how to build code and set us up to run in this environment. The O(10) repositories are now in git.

* We explain MicroBooNE's approach to git/mrb world and give instructions/hints to operate in it.

> *[[uboone_guide|This link]]* is where you should start

* The LArSoft ( walk-through exercises from the old SVN Larsoft wiki have been translated to git/mrb world, to the extent those exercises aren't already explicitly performed at the above link.

> See the exercises *[[ exercises|here ]]*.

h1. Releases

The current uboonecode *data production* release is *v05.08.00*.

The uboonecode release for MCC7 is *v04_36_00*. This is based on *LARSOFT_SUITE_v04_36_00*.

The current uboonecode release for MCC8.6 is *v06_26_01_10*.

The most recent uboonecode *weekly integration* release is *v06.62.00*.

[[Uboonecode Releases]]
[[recentreleases|Most recent uboonecode releases]]
[[v050800|Uboonecode v05.08.00 validation]]
[[v06260105|Uboonecode v06.26.01.05 (MCC8.1) validation]]

h1. Current Issues

[[ Current issues list]]
See here for a list of current issues/problems and help with troubleshooting.
[[External Software|Results from external software survey]]

<!-- [[Analysis #[[Analysis Questions|List of questions to be answered prior to getting out physics results]] -->

h1. Accessing Data and SAM Tutorials

[[Getting to Swizzled Data]]
[[Predefined Datasets]]
[[Disk Quotas for MicroBooNE]]
[[gridtips|Tips for using grid tools and dCache]]
[[sam|Data Handling and SAM]]
[[AnalysisTree Data files]]
[[prodhistory|Production History]]
[[Blinding of MicroBooNE Data]]
[[Tutorial for Analyzers and Using the Gird]]
[[Detector Physics MC files]]
[[Single Particle Samples for Cincinnati Workshop 2017]]
[[Generating MCC8 Detector Systematic and Reco Variation Samples]]

h1. Information for Developers

[[How_to_do_an_analysis|How to do an analysis on MicroBooNE]]

[[restructure_proposal|Details of proposal for restructuring LArSoft algorithms and data products]]
[[AnalysisTree variables|AnalysisTree variables documentation]]
[[Unit_integration_tests|Unit tests and integration tests]]
[[Edit_geometry_file|How to add changes to the geometry file]]
[[Guide to Using FCL files in MicroBooNE]]
"Understanding Time and Position in the MicroBooNE TPC (docdb 12290)":
[[photon_library|How to generate the photon library]]
[[MCEventWeight|How to generate event weights for systematics studies]]
[[uboonebeam_flux|Using the MicroBooNE Flux Files, and possibly creating new ones]]
[[Datasets targeted for removal in Aug 2017]]
[[Proposal for data slimming in MCC8.4 Nov 2017]]

h2. Information for Managers

[[CVMFS|Installing the CVMFS Client]]
[[Remote|Installing the MicroBooNE development environment]]
[[Tagging|Tagging a branch for release]]
[[Jenkins Build|Building a MicroBooNE software release using Jenkins]]
[[Oasis|Uploading to CVMFS]]
[[uboone_data|How to update uboone_photon_propagation]]
[[uboonedaq_datatypes|How to build uboonedaq_datatypes ups product for offline using Jenkins]]
[[swtrigger|How to build swtrigger ups product for offline]]
[[upsproductbuild|How to build a UPS product area]]
[[Cleaning|How to clean up old and unneeded releases]]
[[CSR|How to request an OSG production service certificate]]
[[dcache|dCache configuration]]
[[Running data blinding scripts]]
[[FTS|FTS information]]

h2. PUBS Technical Information

[[Pubs and]]
[[Troubleshoot|How to monitor and troubleshoot offline pubs production]]
[[pubs_offline_daemon|How to configure offline PUBS daemons]]
[[pubs_config|How to configure offline PUBS projects]]
[[Checklist for starting or restarting PUBS projects]]
[[pubs_daily|Offline PUBS daily checklist]]

h2. POMs Technical Information