Getting Started with MicroBooNE Computing

Please make sure to work through the instruction Getting Started with MicroBooNE Computing that give an instruction to the interactive computing and software used by MicroBooNE.

MicroBooNE Guide to using LArSoft in git/mrb world

As of 22-January-2014, LArSoft has made the leap to git/MRB, and now have O(10) repositories. MRB (multi repository build) knows how to build code and set us up to run in this environment. The O(10) repositories are now in git.

  • We explain MicroBooNE's approach to git/mrb world and give instructions/hints to operate in it.

This link is where you should start

See the exercises here .


The uboonecode release for MCC7 is v04_36_00. This is based on LARSOFT_SUITE_v04_36_00.

The current uboonecode release for MCC8.24 is v06_26_01_30.

The current uboonecode release for MCC9 is v08_00_00_13q.

The current uboonecode release for MCC9.1 reco is v08_00_00_01e.

The current uboonecode release for MCC9.1 is v08_00_00_55.

The most recent uboonecode weekly integration release is v09_22_02.

Larsoft Releases
Uboonecode Releases
Most recent uboonecode releases
Uboonecode v05.08.00 validation
Uboonecode v06.26.01.05 (MCC8.1) validation
Splitting uboonecode information

Current Issues

Current issues list
See here for a list of current issues/problems and help with troubleshooting.
Results from external software survey
Tape Shortage FAQ

Accessing Data and SAM Tutorials

Getting to Swizzled Data
Data and MC Production
Disk Quotas for MicroBooNE
Tips for using grid tools and dCache
Tips for using xrootd
Data Handling and SAM
AnalysisTree Data files
Production History
Blinding of MicroBooNE Data
Blinding of MicroBooNE Data (2019 update)
Tutorial for Analyzers and Using the Gird
Grid Best Practices
Dealing with "Inconsistent Process History" Crashes
Detector Physics MC files
Single Particle Samples for Cincinnati Workshop 2017
Generating MCC8 Detector Systematic and Reco Variation Samples
Data Quality and Good Run Selection
Overview of Electron Lifetime Calibration

Information for Calibration and Detector Physics

Calibration Database
Channel Status
ASIC Settings
Space Charge Effect/E-field
dQ/dx-dE/dx Calibration
PMT Calibration
PMT Remapping
Lifetime Study
Ar39 Study
Validation DP/Calibration
Tags and Intervals of Validity

Pandora documentation and Tutorials
Pandora Documentation

Information for Developers

Https migration
Working with github
How to do an analysis on MicroBooNE
Details of proposal for restructuring LArSoft algorithms and data products
AnalysisTree variables documentation
Unit tests and integration tests
How to add changes to the geometry file
Guide to Using FCL files in MicroBooNE
Understanding Time and Position in the MicroBooNE TPC
Understanding hits, spacepoints, and trajectory points in Pandora
Overlay Technical Note
How to generate the photon library
How to generate event weights for systematics studies
Using the MicroBooNE Flux Files, and possibly creating new ones
Datasets targeted for removal in Aug 2017
Datasets targeted for removal in May 2018
Proposal for data slimming in MCC8.4 Nov 2017
Resolving undefined reference errors
MCC8 history
MCC9 Wiki
CCInclusive Filter
CRT Merging Information

Information for Managers

Installing the CVMFS Client
Installing the MicroBooNE development environment
Tagging a branch for release
Tagging a branch for release (buildFW version)
Building a MicroBooNE software release using Jenkins
Uploading to CVMFS
Uploading to Stash Cache
Building a release using buildFW
How to update uboone_photon_propagation
How to update uboone_oslibs
How to build uboonedaq_datatypes ups product for offline using Jenkins
How to build external ups products for offline
How to update external ups products for offline (buildFW version)
How to build a UPS product area
How to clean up old and unneeded releases
How to build a larsoft release (talk from 2019 larsoft workshop).
How to request an OSG production service certificate
dCache configuration
Running data blinding scripts
FTS information
Creating a New Data Tier
Crontabs run as uboonepro
Archiving and Deleting User Areas
File Merging

Information about MC Samples


PUBS Technical Information

Pubs and
How to monitor and troubleshoot offline pubs production
How to configure offline PUBS daemons
How to configure offline PUBS projects
Checklist for starting or restarting PUBS projects
Offline PUBS daily checklist

POMs Technical Information
Using recursive datasets with POMS
How to configure TPC swizzling using POMS
Best practices for configuring POMS production projects
Using jobsub autorelease
Lost Files