Building uboonedaq_datatypes for offline using Jenkins

Upd product uboonedaq_datatypes is used by both online and offline. Uboonedaq_datatypes is not a standard mrb package and is not included in the uboonecode build. Whenever there is a new version of uboonedaq_datatypes, it must be built separately and distributed ahead of any uboonecode build that depends on the new version. The offline release depends on online developers to make tags of uboonedaq_datatypes.

Build procedure.

The build procedure for uboonedaq_datatypes generally follows the procedure given on the uboonedaq wiki. A Jenkins-compatible build script can be found in in larutils/buildScripts/ This is the script that is used by Jenkins.

Here are the steps for building and distributing uboonedaq_datatypes.

  • Click on the "uboone" tab and select build project uboonedaq-datatypes-build.
  • Click on "Configure" and edit the desired tag into the build configuration.
  • Click on "Build with Parameters." This should build all supported flavors. Wait for build to complete successfully.

Upload uboonedaq_datatypes to scisoft.

Do this step after a successful Jenkins build. Make sure you have access to scisoft scripts copyFromJenkins and copyToSciSoft on your execution path.

  • Go to an empty directory on any machine where you have kerberized scp access to (uboonegpvmXX login machines are fine). You will assemble in this directory all files that will be uploaded to
  • Fetch results of Jenkins build using copyFromJenkins. This script is normally invoked with a single argument specifying the Jenkins project name.
    copyFromJenkins uboonedaq-datatypes-build

    This command will fetch Jenkins build "artifacts." There should be one tarball for each binary flavor.
  • Upload all files to scisoft using copyToSciSoft. Specify all files that you want to upload on the command line, which should be all of the files your current directory.
    copyToSciSoft *

    You will need a kerberos ticket and login access to

Install uboonedaq_datatypes in /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone

Install uboonedaq_datatypes locally in /grid/fermiapp/uboone using the tarballs created in the previous step. You can download these from the scisoft products server, or just use the ones you copied from Jenkins.

  • Log in to any uboonegpvmXX machine as user uboone.
  • Go to the microboone products directory.
    cd /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone
  • Unroll the tarball for each binary flavor into this directory.
    tar xf <tarball-path>
  • You can unroll many tarballs using a single shell command.
    for tb in <tarball-dir>/*; do tar xf $tb; done

Upload uboonedaq_datatypes to CVMFS

Follow instructions in this article, but usually just invoke the script as user uboone on any uboonegpvmXX machine.