Uboonecode v08.00.00.09 release notes

  • ubcore: changes from feature/knoepfel_discard.
  • ubsim: changes to scaling factors for gain and for data to mc changes.
  • ubevt: Changes to YZ correction/SCE calibration/drift velocity fudge factor/db access for channel status in the overlay mixing stage.
  • ubraw: Added libwada/changes to swizzling procedure.
  • ubana: adding a switch to force x-correction to unity/updates for fcl for gain calibration in overlay.
  • uboonedata: add scaling for each DATA and MC/add hook for scaling factor per plane/making sure all YZ maps are part of the release.
  • uboonecode: beam window setting corrected/added shower calo constants to be appropriate for each plane/updated calo constants to what is expected for MCC9.