Uboonecode v07.12.00 release notes

  • Merged the following MCC9 branches into the listed uboone_suite repository:
    • ubevt: feature/wketchum_OverlayMegaRetreat ** ubevt: feature/greenlee_lazy_db ** ubana: feature/wketchum_OverlayMegaRetreat ** uboonecode: feature/wketchum_OverlayMegaRetreat
  • uboonecode: update to detsim ci test.
  • uboonecode: CRT filter added to the fhicl files.
  • uboonecode: added a missing override that got lost in mcc8 merge.
  • uboonecode: wrong fhicl producer used.
  • ubcrt: deleted file 'crtonly_detsim_uboone.fcl', which was causing unit tests to fail.
  • ubcrt: CRT swizzler robustness improvements.
  • ubcrt: beam timing plots added.
  • ubcrt: remove output file patterns from histogram output.
  • ubcrt: make it so that crt veto won't crash for events without CRT hits.
  • ubevt: many changes to properly zero out RawDigits.
  • ubevt: use UpdateTimeStamp.
  • ubevt: add in new sim file to work with filtering.
  • ubana: many changes to allow backtracker to work with MCC9.
  • ubana: modify the interface to the track/shower efficiency tools to push the recover of data objects to the tools instead of passed from the main ana module.