Uboonecode v07.05.00 release notes

  • An update to all packages but uboonedata and ubutil to more easily find headers.
  • Merged branches 'feature/greenlee_mcc9_fcl' and 'feature/cerati_pandoraWriter' for uboonecode.
  • chi2 changes to PID module for uboonecode.
  • Branch 'origin/zennamo_fclChecker' merged into develop for ubutil.
  • Branch 'feature/greenlee_mcc9_cfg' merged into develop for uboonedata.
  • GPS offsets added into ubcrt.
  • Unused variables are removed from ubcrt.
  • Merging branches 'origin/feature/alister1_larsoftexamples' and ''origin/feature/greenlee_mcc9_fcl' into develop for ubana.
  • Modifications for mc in ubana.
  • Adding the wire cell prolog fcl and updated versions of the larsoft dependent products in ubana.