Uboonecode v06.26.01.06 release notes

  • Candidate production release for MCC 8.2.
  • Corresponds to "test 21" configuration (see docdb 9143)
  • Changes relative to uboonecode v06_26_01_05 ("MCC 8.1")
    • Cosmic hit rejection: require more than one hit on a PFParticle to be out of time before rejecting hits.
    • Wire cell pedestal RMS (corrected in CalWireROI).
    • Anode/cathode piercing track t0-tagging updates/fixes.
    • Fix some crashes.
    • Update pandora version (v03_02_00 -> v03_07_02).
    • Don't recalculate track length in analysis tree (required to correctly interpret Kalman Filter refit tracks).
    • Cosmic rejection based on pandoraCosmic (fcl update).
    • Fix data shower energy.
    • PMA track fit to ignore showerlike pfparticles.
    • Do wire cell noise filtering and waveform truncation in the correct order.
    • Trajcluster updates.
    • Improved TPC waveform baseline algorithm (CalWireROI).
    • Kalman filter refit running on pfparticle showers as well as tracks.
    • Updated BNB flux and reweighting.