Uboonecode v04.06.00 release notes

  • Update dependent products.
    • pandora v01_01_00a. Advertised as being much faster than previous version.
    • art v1_13_02.
    • ifdhc v1_8_2. Supports fetching flux files using ifdh in GENIEHelper.
    • postgresql v9_3_6. Includes psycopg2 and hstore. Supports PUBS clients.
  • Merge new CalibrationDBI interface into uboonecode (feature branch feature/eberly_calibdb).
  • Geometry v6 (2400 UV wires) is fixed, but default is still v5.
  • Larana contains a bug fix for broken flash finding that came in with last week's optical merge. This bug broke the whole reco chain in v04_05_00.