General Information and Links

Cern's main CVMFS web page is as follows:

Information for CVMFS repository managers can be found in this article:

CVMFS repository content

All content of MicroBooNE CVMFS repositories are currently located in a ups products area that lives in subdirectory "products" underneath the top MicroBooNE CVMFS directory. The content that is maintained in CVMFS is a partial mirror of content from the central MicroBooNE ups products area in /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone. The following files and directories are mirrored to CVMFS:



The first three items above are ups infrastructure. The remaining items are MicroBooNE's ups products. Additionally, nightly build versions, if any, are to be excluded from content that is mirrored to CVMFS.

How to upload files to the Fermilab-hosted CVMFS server.

This section describes how to upload files to MicroBooNE's Fermilab-hosted CVMFS repository, /cvmfs/

Logging in to the Fermilab CVMFS server

Fermilab has multiple CVMFS servers called (XX=01,02), however, logins should generally be done via the load-balanced portal Access to the MicroBooNE repository is via account cvmfsuboone.


To log in, you will need a kerberos ticket and your kerberos principal must be included in the cvmfsuboone's .k5login file. A backup copy of the oasiscfs .k5login file (called oasiscfs.k5login) is located in the home directory of the uboone account on the uboonegpvm nodes.

Upon logging in, source content for the MicroBooNE CVMFS repository will be visible at the standard CVMFS path /cvmfs/ The base of MicroBooNE ups products area is located in the products subdirectory (full path /cvmfs/

Updating CVMFS repository contents (scripted method).

Log in to the uboone account on any uboonegpvm login node. Make sure you have a valid kerberos ticket with login access to the cvmfsuboone account on Run the following script.

This script should be on the execution path when you log in to the uboone account.

This script does a full mirror of all CVMFS content. This is the preferred method for updating the MicroBooNE CVMFS repository.

Updating CVMFS repository contents (manual method).

To update MicroBooNE CVMFS repository contents, do teh following steps.

1. Log in to as user cvmfsuboone.


2. Start a transaction using the following command.

cvmfs_server transaction

3. Update repository content using any standard linux commands. Since the MicroBooNE CVMFS products area is an exact mirror of a subset of the /grid/fermiapp products area, the simplest method for updating is to use the rsync command.

rsync <user><version>* /cvmfs/

Never rsync the entire products area.

4. End transaction and publish updated content.

cvmfs_server publish

When you initially log in, you only have read access to the repository files. Starting and ending the update transaction involves dismounting and remounting the reopsitory read/write or read only. You should not cd to any location in the repository when you start or end a transaction.