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Salvatore Davide Porzio, 01/22/2019 11:37 AM

Good Run Selection

Run 1

This article is about how to apply good run selection at the sam level. Information presented here is a synopsis of the DQ group's "Good Runs Guide" (docdb 13933).

The DQ group has supplied two sam datasets for doing run 1 good run selection, based on an analysis of bnb-trigger events and external-trigger events, which datasets are as follows.

To select good runs at the sam level, "and" one or both of the above definitions with an existing sam dataset definition.

$ samweb list-files --summary "defname: mydef and defname: dqm_neutrino2016_bnb and defname: dqm_neutrino2016_bnbextrevised" 
$ samweb create-definition mygoodrundef "defname: mydef and defname: dqm_neutrino2016_bnb and defname: dqm_neutrino2016_bnbextrevised" 

For selecting good bnb data, it probably makes sense to apply both definitions. For selecting good beam-off data, or good numi data, you should probably only apply selection from the second (bnbextrevised) definition.

Note that for the above kinds of selection to make sense, the original definition ("mydef" in the above example) must not contain data that has been merged accros runs. This condition (not merging accross runs) is true for most datasets produced by the DM group, but not mcc 8.8. To summarize.

  • MCC 8.5 (v11) datasets (prod_reco_optfilter_bnb_v11[_unblind]_mcc8 and prod_reco_optfilter_extbnb_v11_mcc8[_dev] are OK to apply good run selection.
  • MCC 8.9 (v13) datasets (e.g. prod_reco_optfilter_[ext]bnb_[ccinclusive|ccpi0]_v13_mcc8) are OK to apply good run selection.
  • MCC 8.8 (v12) datasets (e.g. prod_reco_optfilter_[ext]bnb_ccpi0_v12_mcc8 are NOT OK to apply good run selection in this way.

Run 2

Not available yet.

Run 3

A .txt file containing the list of good runs for Run3 can be found here:

This file has been used to create a new definition:

Provided you have a definition mydef, in order to select good runs in your own definition, all you have to do is to create a new definition with the following method:

samweb create-definition myDefWithGoodRuns "defname: mydef and defname: goodRuns_Run3_r13696to17055_all" 

More details on the input definitions used to create the good run list and previous (partial) good run lists for Run 3 can be found here .