Edit geometry file

These instructions describe the process you should follow to add a change to the MicroBooNE geometry and integrate your change into uboonecode simulation. There are 2 sets of files you will need to produce for any changes you make (one set with auxiliary detectors, and one without):

Without aux detectors
1) Go to uboonecode/uboone/Geometry/gdml/microboone and add your geometry changes to . Make sure that my $vetoWall_switch="off"; this assures the aux detectors will not be included in your gdml when generated.

2) Once satisfied with your changes, run


This command stitches all the individual volumes (including your changes!) and materials together into two gdml files (microboonevX.gdml, microboonevX_nowires.gdml) and copies them up one directory. The only difference between the two files is the presence/absence of the wire planes.

3) Go up one directory ( gdml/ ) to where your files were just copied. Because adding your changes to the main repository, it is important to check that you don't have any overlaps in your additions. To do this, you can add the gdml file you want to check to microboone_geo.C and run

root microboone_geo.C

Any overlaps present will present themselves at the end of the script's output. To view them, open up the TBrowser and navigate to microboone.root

You can view your volume by running
[1] gGeoManager->FindVolumeFast("volYourVolumeName")->Draw("ogl")

4) Once sure that your changes do not cause overlap errors, update the gdml version from vX, and update the README to indicate what your new version adds to the gdml.

5) Go up one directory ( Geometry/ ), and add your geometry version to geometry_microboone.fcl .

With aux detectors
0) Repeat steps 0)-5), making sure $vetoWall_switch="on"; Adjust the gdml file versions and add auxdet to the name.