How to clean up old and unneeded releases

Log in to account uboone on uboonegpvmXX (which account owns microboone-maintained ups products).

To clean up old uboonecode releases in /grid/fermiapp, run script

This script should be on your execute path after logging into the uboone account (lives in ~uboone/bin). This script will delete uboonecode integration releases that are older than some age. Note the following.

  • Microboone-maintained ups products are stored in /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone.
  • Versions deleted from /grid/fermiapp/products/uboone will be mirror-deleted from cvmfs the next time cvmfs is updated using script
  • Production releases are never deleted by Old production releases should be deleted by hand, if desired.
  • Script only deletes uboonecode versions. Other ups products owned by uboone (ubutil, uboone_data, uboonedaq_datatypes, swtrigger) are not cleaned automatically. Old versions of these ups products should be deleted manually, if desired.
  • The retention time and list of production releases are hard-wired in script Edit the script to change these parameters.