Checklist for starting or restarting PUBS projects

  • Update the run table to contain the runs and subruns you want processed.
    • The data run table data is called mainrun. This table is automatically updated. * MC usually has its own dedicated run table (e.g. mcrun or mcc7runtable). MC runtables usually have only "Run 1" and a large number of subruns. * You can create and fill your own run table using the following command (subrun numbers start at 0).
      $PUB_TOP_DIR/sbin/fill_runtable --name <runtable> --run <run-number> --nsubruns <nsubruns>
  • If you want to restart an existing project, do the following.
    • Disable or delete the existing project. If necessary, reset the statuses from the previous project down to what you want them to be. * Make sure no batch jobs from the previous project are running. * Delete old and unneeded output from the old project from disk. * Delete old generated xml files. * Delete old PUBS log files.
  • Register the new project
    $PUB_TOP_DIR/sbin/register_project <cfg>
    • Enable the project (if not enabled in the config file).
  • Start daemon (if not already running).