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Colton Hill, 08/16/2018 04:34 PM

MCC8 Analysis checklist

1. Beam Flash Timing Window:

Each sample has a different timing window where the flashes occur, are yours correctly configured?
The following beam windows have length of 1.8 us: 1.6 us (beam spill) + 0.1 us at each end to accomodate time jitter)
  • MC BNB+ MC cosmics: [3.10, 4.90]
  • BNB data: [3.20, 5.00]
  • BNB-EXT data: [3.60, 5.40]
  • MC BNB + data cosmics overlaid: [3.50, 5.30]
  • references

2. Reco2 Calibration data:

In MCC8 if you use the standard production reco2 (pandora, trajcluster, PMA, etc.) there are two sets of calorimetry information, are you using the correct one?
  • "calo" -- does not include the calibration information
  • "cali" -- has had the calibration applied
  • Only MCC 8.8 has the correct calibration, MCC8.11 (v06_26_01_21) is planned to also have the correct calibration
  • Technote: MicroBooNE-doc-14754-v3
  • Public note: MicroBooNE-doc-15584-v13

3. Space-charge corrections: Are you applying them?

If you try to match between reconstructed quantities and truth level information you need to account for the space charge effects that are applied at LArG4.

  • references

4. Data-to-MC Normalization: Are you including empty files?

  • references

5. Is your sample Prescaled?

  • If you're using standard BNB, BNB EXT, or NuMI On-Beam samples, the chance that your events are prescaled is very unlikely! If you're using NuMI EXT or any Unbiased samples, then you'll likely need to be careful of the prescaling.
  • To correct for any prescaling, you should apply this on a run-by-run basis. Zarko's POT counting tool in it's most recent (August 2018) form, should automatically account for any prescaling, removing this from a worry of any analyser.
  • You can check if your data is prescaled by looking at the software trigger parameters. Constructing a SWTriggerHandle:
      art::Handle<raw::ubdaqSoftwareTriggerData> SWTriggerHandle;
      e.getByLabel("daq", SWTriggerHandle);

where EXT_NUMIwin_FEMBeamTriggerAlgo is one of the many different trigger algorithms. You should check these based on the sample. Also be sure to include:

 #include "uboone/RawData/utils/ubdaqSoftwareTriggerData.h" 

6. Reco-MC-Truth

  • references

7. Has your sample been passed through the data-quality monitoring?

  • While most samples used by analysers are already passed through the basic form of data-quality monitoring (DQM), it never hurts to check.
  • First look at the sam definition name you're using. Some of them will say "DQM" or "GoodRuns", etc.
  • One of the ways to check if it has been applied is to simply do:
samweb describe-definition defname
  • This should return meta-data regarding the definition, including how it is defined. If you check "Dimensions", this will tell you how the definition was constructed. Quite often when the DQM parameters are applied you will see:
and defname: dqm_neutrino2016_bnbextrevised
  • This parameter indicates that the runs included in the sam definition also include runs which pass the DQM.
  • Other possible methods?