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MicroBooNE Production

Before submitting large number of jobs to the grid, make sure you have tested your workflow following the Best Practices
Please contact the production team, if you
  • Want to prestage and process a dataset with more than 4000 files or size > 10 TB
  • Cancel large number (>100) of jobs on the grid
  • Have questions about running jobs on the grid

Request a Collaboration wide production sample

  • Figure out what you need for the sample and fill out production request form [click me]
  • You might need to present your sample request at Analysis Tool Meeting and/or Data Management Meeting
  • The production is ONLY effective with physics conveners' approval.
  • The fcl files for the production are prepared by user/group who requests the sample and they are also responsible for making sure the production workflow is correct.
  • The user/group are also responsible for validating the sample produced by production team that reaches their expectations.

Recommended Data and MC Samples for analysis (as of Aug. 20th, 2018)

Data: MC:

Status of Dataset Prestaging

Dataset # of files Size Status Requested by Approved Notes

Data and MC samples

Find full list of samples at MicroBooNE at Work

List of Production Requests

Find actual list of production requests to the team at List of Production Requests

For production team members

How-to's for new team members
Offline Production shift
MCC9 Production Plan

For users