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Lu Ren, 06/17/2019 12:26 PM

MicroBooNE Production

Coordination for a large data sample pre-staging

MicroBooNE requires the pre-staging of dataset larger than "dev" sample (4000 files or 10 TB file size) to be coordinated with production team.

  • Before making pre-staging request, check pre-staging dataset status table if your requested sample has already been pre-staged. How long the pre-staging last for the dataset depends on various factors. A rule of thumb is if the dataset has been pre-staged within a couple of weeks, then most likely you don't have to pre-stage it.
  • Check the dataset information with samweb commands (learn more about SAM) (More SAM commands)
    $ samweb list-files --summary "defname:Your_Dataset_Name" 

    Here is an example:

      samweb list-files --summary "defname:prodgenie_bnb_intrinsic_nue_cosmic_uboone_mcc8.7_reco2" 
       File count:    12287           (file numbers)
       Total size:    34235530158207     (file size in byte)
       Event count:    614350       (available events)

Recommended Data and MC Samples for MCC8 analysis (as of Aug. 20th 2018)

Data: MC:

Status of Dataset Prestaging

Dataset # of files Size Requested by Date Status
prodgenie_bnb_nu_cosmic_uboone_MCC8Tune3_mcc8.7_reco2_mcc8.23_ccinfilter Kirby 04/15/2019 active
prodgenie_bnb_nu_uboone_overlay_mcc8.11_reco2 18.5k 16.3 TB Afroditi Papadopoulou 04/23/2019 active
janthony_prodgenie_bnb_nu_cosmic_uboone_mcc8.7_reco2_batch_4_of_4~ 10k Lorena 05/07/2019 active
prod_bnb_optfilter_mcc9.0_hist_F 180k 20 GB Pawel 05/09/2019 active

Status of uboone SAM station:""

Status of enstore server:""

Data and MC samples

Find full list of samples at MicroBooNE at Work

List of Production Requests

Find actual list of production requests to the team at List of Production Requests

For production team members

How-to's and useful information
Meetings and Minutes
Offline Production Shift
MCC9 Production
Detector variation sample production
Optical Filter Production
Archiving Inactive Users
Data Blinding
Pubs Era Production Status

For users

Before submitting large number of jobs to the grid, first make sure you have tested your workflow and it is correct. Also make sure your resources request setup follows the uB's Grid Best Practices Please contact the production team, if you
  • Want to prestage and process a dataset with more than 4000 files or size > 10 TB
  • Cancel large number (>100) of jobs on the grid
  • Have questions about running jobs on the grid

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