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Start DAQ VNC server at evb

If evb was down or by any reason the VNC server at evb is down, you can log into evb as uboonedaq and restart the server by


Run control scripts

Ganglia metrics

1. Use SOCKS proxy server,

If you are using FoxyProxy, see OnlineMonitoring_CH, and
  • change 8881 to 8080
  • change near1 to evb
  • enter the wildcard url pattern like

2. Open a ssh tunnel,

ssh -D 8080

If you are having trouble, you may need to update the proxy settings on your browser. See How_to_make_ssh_tunnels_to_ubdaq_internal_webservers

3. Ganglia server
The username is uboone, and the password is the common DAQ password xxxxxxxxxxx (concatenate the MicroBooNE DocDB user name, the number two, and the first syllable in the word preceding "xxxxxxxxxxx" in this sentence).

DAQ logs

  • The DAQ log files for the current run are located at
  • The DAQ log files for previous runs are located at
  • We are negotiating with the data management team for a PUBS project to compress very old DAQ log files and to move them to offline disks, e.g. dCache.

Run configuration database

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