Control room

This is the new guide for a shifter to handle the DAQ system RC - Guide

Welcome to the DAQ stand in the control room! When data is being taken and everything works properly it should look like this:

To set it up, look at the instructions in RC - Guide

  • The black terminal on the right is the "runConsoleDAQ" terminal. That's where we run the run control from. If we haven't started a run, that will likely be the only terminal open. This is logged in to the EVB.
  • The large blue window on the left is the assemblerApp process, running on the EVB and collecting and writing all the data.
  • The smaller blue windows in the middle are the sebApp processes: one for each one of the SEBs. These are what collect the data from the readout electronics, and send it to the EVB.
    In these windows one can see if all the fragments are working well. Each SEB has a fragment which has the correlated number, and SEB 10 has fragment10 for the PMT and fragment11 for the trigger.
  • The bottom two black windows with orange text on the left are the programs from running the online-monitor: the dispatcher, on the left, sends data from the EVB to the online-monitor process; the online-monitor, right in the middle, gets that data and analyzes it, making the plots you see running on the lizard online-monitor.

When we start a run, a "hardware configuration" routine runs, which may be short or long depending on what exactly is configured. This appears as a small black terminal with green text on the left (between where the assembler and dispatcher windows are). Once finished, it disappears.
At the beginning of every run, the runConsoleDAQ starts all the processes via xterms, so you will see these terminals pop up. At the end of the run, it cleans them all up before starting a new one, so you should see them disappear.