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Peter Watkins, 05/28/2015 10:09 AM

The basic structure of the wiki should follow this:

Example System

  • Example - Overview: This is basically what should the shifter be looking at (not necessarily touching), try to be explicit about what give what information about what to the shifter.
  • Example - Guide: How should the shifter navigate through the different screens to retrieve the necessary information
  • Example - Experts Only: This is where the "Expert Documentation" should live, but only for the time being, we will want to move this behind a password wall. For the time being please start to build the documentation here now but be mindful that it is public viewable.

Run Control

Slow control

  • SLC - Guide: What should I look at? How should it look like?

Online Monitoring

Laser System

Beam Monitoring

Expert call list

Useful Links