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Before you start your shift

  • Make sure you have a current Fermilab ID, Fermilab Kerberos account, and Fermilab Services account (and go to "Request New/Renew Accounts" or call 630-840-2345 - 24 hours a day).
  • Ask a control room expert or the Run Coordinator to add your Kerberos principal to the .k5login files for the uboonedaq and ubooneshift users on uboone-cr-01, uboone-cr-02, uboone-cr-03, and uboone-cr04.

Shift Procedure

- REFRESH ALL OPEN BROWSERS (instruction might have been updated)

  • Log on to the uboonedaq google account with the common DAQ password xxxxxxxxxxx (concatenate the MicroBooNE DocDB user name, the number two, and the first syllable in the word preceding "xxxxxxxxxxx" in this sentence), go to Google hangouts, and then open up the MicroBooNE DAQ conversation to communicate with DAQ experts.
  • NEW: At the beginning of the shift call MCR (x3721) and let them know that uboone shifters are in ROC West.
  • At the beginning of shift, fill out the Beginning of Shift form on the Elog, and enter it under topic "Shift/Beginning of shift".
  • During shift:
    • Day/Evening/Owl shifts:
      • Take a 30-minute data run every 4 hours (see Running the Console DAQ). In the event that the run terminates unexpectedly, if the run lasts for longer than 20 minutes it does not need to be retaken.
      • At the beginning of the run, copy the "DAQ RUN START MESSAGE" from the console DAQ screen output into an Elog entry under topic "Shift" (example).
      • Execute the noisy channel analysis script (see Getting the list of noisy channels) and post the list of very noisy and very quiet channels to the Elog under topic "Shift".
      • Look at the Online Monitor plots for the run you just took. See the prototype checklist here: OM - Checklist
      • Monitor the slow control display. Check for alarming or tripping Wiener power supplies (see here for instructions). Call the DAQ expert on call if this happens. Monitor the pressure in the cryostat. There is a saved plot "filling.plt". If you see the pressure rise to 15 psig and no corresponding e-log entry from the cryogenics team that they are working on the issue immediately page the cryo on-call expert (630-255-1324) and call the run coordinator. If you do not receive a response within 10 min, call cryogenics experts directly. Check the slow control for recent alarms (see instructions).

On the mac, the user is ubooneshift, and the password is the same as the MicroBooNE DocDB password.
On the Linux boxes, the user is ubooneshift, the password is your Kerberos password, and then the principal is your Kerberos user name. You must be added to the .k5login file. Contact us to help
On the Linux boxes, the user is uboonedaq, the password is your Kerberos password, and then the principal is your Kerberos user name. You must be added to the .k5login file. Contact us to help

Shifters need to notify Run Coordinator when experts are going to work in LArTF and also when the shifters are asked to help the experts in LArTF.

For ganglia, use user uboone and then the common DAQ password.

Run Control

Slow control

  • SLC - Shifters: SHIFTER INSTRUCTIONS (Shifters are strongly instructed to ONLY follow instructions in this link. Ignore any other instructions you might see in the slow monitoring tabs below, you are welcome to read them for informative purposes ONLY!)
  • SLC - Guide: What should I look at? How should it look like?

Online Monitoring

Data Management and PUBS

Laser System

Light Collection/PMT System

Beam Monitoring

Example System

  • Example - Overview: This is basically what should the shifter be looking at (not necessarily touching), try to be explicit about what give what information about what to the shifter.
  • Example - Guide: How should the shifter navigate through the different screens to retrieve the necessary information
  • Example - Experts Only: This is where the "Expert Documentation" should live, but only for the time being, we will want to move this behind a password wall. For the time being please start to build the documentation here now but be mindful that it is public viewable.

Expert call list

Useful Links

Expert actions

  • k5login Adding shifters to the .k5login