Webcam - Overview

We have mounted a Raspberry Pi and webcam on top of the upstream purity monitor rack to monitor the platform as well as the LEDs on the drift HV power supply that indicate whether a current trip has occurred (See Elog #3922 see also below).

The Raspberry Pi runs a web server from which live video can be viewed and images or videos can be recorded. The webserver runs on the private DAQ network at LArTF and therefore can only be accessed from machines inside the private DAQ network. Access to those machines proceeds via Kerberos authentication on a gateway node with a .k5login file that is maintained by the Run Coordinator and saved in the uBoone Operations git repository. The webserver has not been set up or tested to handle multiple connections. Therefore, we will display only one instance of the webpage in the control room for shifters to monitor.

Shifters should log any activity on the platform that correlates with DAQ instability or other detector or data-taking problems that are observed.

Glassman HV

A reference image showing normal state is below. If the supply were in current-regulation mode, there would be an LED lit immediately above the current-adjust knob just to the left of the left meter. (See panel layout diagram below.)
View of Glassman front panel through webcam

Front panel layout:
Layout of Glassman front panel (excerpted from Glassman manual)