Webcam - Experts Only

The Raspberry Pi webcam uses a setup similar to what is described in OnlineMonitoring_FF with the caveat that in those instructions references to ws01 should be replaced with ws02, references to the port 8881 should be replaced with port 8080, and references to the URL wildcard pattern ** should be **. This has already been done for the firefox browser on uboone-cr-01.

To be more explicit, the sshconfig file in the uboone operations git repository, which gets copied to each control room computer's ~/.ssh/config file has been modified to contain the following block:

Host ws2 ws02
  # set up default user, socks proxy
  User ubooneshift
  DynamicForward 8080

In addition, a firefox extension called FoxyProxy has been downloaded and configured to use proxies based on pre-defined patterns. Specifically, it is configured to use localhost:8080 for all addresses that match the wildcard pattern **. This, along with the dynamic port forwarding set up for the alias ws2 (or ws02), allows one to connect to the Raspberry Pi.