UBooNE Production v1


Version uboonecode version fcl stream SAM dataset note
reco_neutrino_id_v1 v04_26_03_01 reco_uboone_data_wflash_neutrinoID.fcl rawfilter prod_reco_neturino_id_v1 single stage all files from rawfilter stream


Version uboonecode version fcl stream SAM dataset note
swizzle_inclusive_v1 v04_26_03_01 swizzle_with_three_filters.fcl rawfilter && rawprescale && rawnotpc prod_swizzle_inclusive_v1 all files that have been swizzled and contain TPC and Optical data (merge of v1_rawfilter and v1_prescale)
swizzle_filter_v1 v04_26_03_01 swizzle_with_three_filters.fcl rawfilter prod_swizzle_filter_v1 raw filter uses a cut reconstructed optical flashes > 50 PE and within timing window 2.2 us
swizzle_prescale_v1 v04_26_03_01 swizzle_with_three_filters.fcl rawprescale prod_swizzle_prescale_v1 straight 1% prescale of all events recorded from BNB and NuMI beam window triggers
swizzle_notpc_v1 v04_26_03_01 swizzle_with_three_filters.fcl rawnotpc prod_swizzle_notpc_v1 all events recorded with BNB and NuMI beam window but no TPC data