These instructions are from Kazu:

python script is here: /home/kterao/
You can run it anytime (during daq is running).
Here’s how you can use it after logging into any online machine (ws01 for instance):

*) setup

source /uboone_offline/setup
setup pyqtgraph

*) run

python /home/uboonedaq/daqlogs/uboonedaq/seb-10-*.out.log

where the 1st argument is the seb10’s daq log file that always exists under /home/uboonedaq/daqlogs/uboonedaq directory.
Above example command uses a wild card argument but you can just hit “tab” and you’ll see only one log file (either currently running or last run if daq is not running).

The script outputs 2 things:
) print out of run length (at the time of processing), total and breakdown of trigger counts
) rate.png which is the plot I shared.

The script uses as-raw-as-possible output from the readout: the rate shown by this script is uses data readout @ seb10 even before it hits the evb for event building.
So this is immune to a software problem like DAQ had.