Swizzling Requests

Online Swizzling

It should be noted that uboonecode v04_16_00 or later must be used for swizzling data after Run 217. For runs after Run 748 ( 749 begins the use of uboonedaq_datatypes v6_12_00), they must be processed with a version of uboonecode v04_17_00 or later. Note that there is backwards compatibility such that v04_17_00 should be able to process everything 218 and later.

Note that several of the runs between 2-217 have been marked "status = 999" in the swizzle_data table of the PUBS procdb. This code is intended to stop those files from being processed in the chain since their binary files are no longer online, and the swizzled files processed offline.

Offline Swizzling Submission

Some of the runs were not swizzled online and so the artroot files were regenerated offline using Fermi GPGrid. The area for the swizzling was taken from Kirby's local area since the code is a hack/backport to v04_05_00. The tarball of the working area is available at:


The template for the submission using and the shell script is located in:


This template should be modified for the appropriate dataset definition, log directory, output directory, and the tarball location. This script relies upon several things already being in place, specifically the dataset definition for the binary files of a DAQ run. These can be created with the script ./ (Note that run numbers should be padded numbers with 7 digits. (e.g. run number 127 should be 0000127 when included in file or dataset definition names.)

As well, the name of the output file from the rawtorootconvert.fcl file should contain a version of the channel map that was utilized to generate the files. So a swizzled file with a "_v1.root" would have the version of the channel map available on July 4, 2015. Other specifications of the channel map will be defined on other Data Management pages.