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Victor Genty, 05/31/2018 08:50 AM

Super Nova PUBS Monitoring

Please see the DM expert documentation page for DM responsibilities relating to SN data management
Link: DM - Expert Documentation


The super nova data stream (SNS) is a readout stream integrated into the MicroBooNE DAQ since Dec. 9 2016. Independent of the tiggered data stream, the SNS reads out TPC and optical data continuously. The data management for the SNS involves the PUBS daemon located on the ws02 machine. An overview of the PUBS projects developed for DM of the SNS is described below from a talk given @

The SNS data consists of ~1.5 GB binary fragments in "ubdaq" format. The total data size per run varies per SEB which means the number of subruns produced by the SNS will be different. Some SEBs are connected to wires which produce more or less data, depending on various factors controlled by the firmware. Each SEB has approximately 13TB of space in the /datalocal/supernova volume where SNS fragments are stored. Each SEB has an independent /datalocal/supernova directory which is managed by a PUBS daemon on ws02.