Slowmoncon VNC connection for Windows

Below is a quick outline of how to connect to the slowmoncon VNC server from a Windows machine.

  1. Obtain a Kerberos ticket on your Windows machine. (E.g., using the MIT Kerberos for Windows Ticket Manager)
  2. Log in to using an ssh client (e.g., putty), using "ssh port forwarding" from port 5902 on your machine to "localhost:5902" on the remote machine. [‍note 1,2]
  3. Using the VNC client of your choice [‍note 3], open a connection to "localhost:2".

Connecting to other VNC displays

The instructions above are for connecting to VNC server 2 on ubdaq-prod-ws01, which is used for shift work. The instructions for connecting to VNC server X are almost the same, except replace "localhost:2" with "localhost:X", and replace 5902 with 5900+X. E.g., for localhost:33, forward port 5933, and connect to localhost:33. Note that usually there won't be any other VNC servers running unless you start one. See How to start your own CSS gui.


1. It is no longer necessary to use the Fermilab VPN to connect to ubdaq-prod-ws01 and -ws02 from off-site.
2. See the documentation for your ssh client for information on port forwarding. (E.g., the putty documentation, section 3.5; or the man page for ssh, -L option.)
3. A good choice for Windows is TigerVNC.