Slowmoncon PMT HV panels

Main PMT HV status panel

The main PMT HV overview panel is in the OPI file "PMTHV.opi". You can use the CSS navigator to get to it, or possibly a button on the main overview panel. Each module has controls for turning on and off all channels in the module, as well as resetting the module and starting the HV ramp.

Main PMT HV overview

PMT HV module panel

Clicking on the "Open Panel" button under a module will bring up a page with more detailed info about each channel in the module. There is also a "Command" menu button for each channel that allows controlling just one channel at a time.

Note an idiosyncracy of the state machine in the controller is that a channel or module can be "tripped" and the state of the channel still be "On". The check for a trip condition is only done when the HV is raised.

PMT HV single module, detailed channel info panel

PMT HV module control pane.

Clicking on the "Open control panel" button on the module display panel will bring up a panel where you can change the target voltages, current limits, and ramp rates for each channel.

PMT HV channel control panel (single module)