SlowMon GUI Access for Crate Power-Up

Instructions to access the shared slowmon shifter GUI for crate power cycling:

Might need to install some "cisco connect" stuff from here: (I did because Wes told me to, not sure if it made a difference)

on your local machine, can you run this line:
ssh -C -N -q -K -L 5902:localhost:5902 &
replacing sowjanya by your username

on mac, open a generic Finder window then type "command-k" to open up vnc connection (non-mac, get your own vnc client i suppose)

the server you connect to is : vnc://localhost:5902

it asks for a password which is xxxxxxsmc, and can be found on the "projects" page of the elog

(tell shifters not to touch the GUI while you're using it)