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STEP 1: Launch the Slow-control screen from the ROC control room

Open a terminal on the control room computer and type
ssh -K -L 5902:localhost:5902 uboonesmc@ubdaq-prod-ws01

important note: Once you run the above command and login as user "uboonesmc", it is very important to keep it open
and not further use this terminal window. Best way is to just minimize it, so it stays in a corner.

Now open another terminal on the control room computer and type

A window should pop up and into it you will type

the password is the standard uboone password with "smc" tacked on the end

This will open a virutal window showing the Slow Control Disply running as shown below:

Slow monitoring alarm perspective screen shot

Important note: If the vncviewer window will not open, or if the virtual window opens and you don't see the Slow Control Display running, see SLC_-_Troubleshooting.