Shift turnover

Regular Shifter Turnover

When you are an incoming shifter, you are responsible to be in communication with the outgoing shifter at least 10 minutes before your shift starts to confirm you are ready. If the incoming shifter does not make contact by 5 minutes after the shift is supposed to start, the outgoing shifter has to call the backup shifter and inform the run coordinator by email. If the backup shifter is unreachable for any reason, the outgoing shifter should call the run coordinator immediately. It is good practice for initial contact with the outgoing shifter to go through the shift slack channel. Please sign in to the ubooneshift account using the ubooneshift gmail and the password in the "projects" tab of the Elog.

Once contact has been established, the outgoing shifter has to call the incoming shifter by using the official phone number for the shifter: +1 937 582 6663. This ensures that the incoming shifter's phone is functioning properly. If forwarding is done with google voice to a landline, be sure to make sure the right phone number is checked here: If forwarding is done via Hangouts only (international shift stations) make sure Hangouts is enabled. You can add and deselect landlines on google voice at -> Settings, Phones and check the box of YOUR shift station. See the call forwarding setup instructions below.

The current (outgoing) shifter will have to CALL the shift phonenumber +1 937 582 6663 to confirm that the NEW incoming shifter's phone rings. Once communication is established and the phone number is verified, the turnover is complete. Please communicate your name and where you are shifting from in the Slack chat, so that experts and RunCo's are updated in real time about who is on shift and where.

Please make sure the phone forwarding actually works (phone rings, you can hear/be heard on the phone). If you have problems, get in touch with the run coordinator.

Check that the RUN CATALOGUE was filled by the previous shifter. If not, YOU have to fill all of the missing runs!

Do NOT forget to fill in the end of shift summary!

You can add and deselect landlines on google voice at ->Settings, Phones and check the box of YOUR shift station

Initial Call Forwarding Setup

For setting up call forwarding initially, log in to the google voice account for the shift (or backup shift) phone number. Go to, and in the top right of the page make sure the account is the correct shifter account ("ubooneshift" for regular shift; "microboone.oc" for backup - the passwords can be found in the "Passwords" Project tab in the ECL) If you have a gmail account, it might direct you to your account automatically. Next, click the gear towards the top right of the page, then click settings. In settings, click 'phones' and then 'add another phone'. Enter your name and phone number, set the phone type as work, and then click save. It will ask you to verify your phone with a test call, and you must enter the passcode it provides to you.

Only 6 forwarding numbers are allowed by google voice. If the list if full, you may remove another institution's number to make room for your own. Please use the ECL to try to choose a number to remove that won't be used for shifts imminently after your own shift; please also email the run coordinator to inform them which institution has been removed. Never remove the ROC West number.

This also means that you may have to activate your phone again if it gets removed - do not assume that once your institution's number is on the list it will remain there indefinitely.

Enabling or Disabling Call Forwarding to your phone

To activate or deactivate your phone number, log in to the ubooneshift/microboone.oc google account. Go to, and in the top right of the page make sure the account is the correct account as above. Then, click settings (the gear icon towards the top right). In settings, click "Phones." From there, you should be able to check on uncheck your shift stations phone number. Make sure it is checked when you are shifting! Do not delete any numbers from this page, ever. Only ever check or uncheck numbers.

Backup Shifter Turnover

Back up shifters are required to fill in a Start of Backup Shift Block form on the ECL some time in the 24 hours preceding the start of their shift block. The form confirms that the backup shifter:
  • Has current training to access LArTF.
  • Has activated their phone with call forwarding from the backup shift phone number (as described above).
  • Has contacted the current regular shifter to let them know that they are in contact and ready to go.This means calling or messaging (via gchat) to the regular shifter that they are in contact and ready to go.

In the case of consecutive blocks of backup shifts, the form should be submitted for the start of each block, to ensure training remains current and that the ECL record can distinguish between consecutive shifts and missing shifts.

Expert Shifter Turnover

  • Experts are not required to check in at the start of their expert shift. They are simply "on call" at the posted time of their start of shift, on the elog.
  • Expert shifters should have the phone numbers of both run coordinators, the shifter phone number, and the backup shifter phone number stored in their phone.