SMC - Installing software on Glomations - Experts Only

Simple replacement of one slow controls rack monitoring "Glomation" box with another:

In case of simply moving an already fully configured Glomation from one rack to another, or from spares (if we have any), then it should be sufficient to just change the contents of the file RACK in the home directory of the Glomation box. For example, if rack monitor box #4 is already configured for PM02, and we want to move it to the CRT2 rack, first login to the appropriate box as

    ssh uboonedaq@

Note that the last two digits correspond to the box number; the rest will be the same for every box. The password is the secure storage password (found on the E-log) followed by "uboonedaq" (without quotes). Then, simply change the RACK file to say "CRT2". A list of valid racks is kept in the RACKMAP file in source:projects/slowmoncon/rackmon_tools/rackmonupdater/RACKMAP. (See for a very small number of details --- needs to be expanded, I know.)

If you do this, please also edit RACKMAP in git and commit the change. Also, change the listed location of the box on the IP Standards page: Scroll down to the "Assigned IP address list and devices" table and update the location of the Glomation box. If you're unable to edit Wiki pages, ask the RunCo's to add you as an editor.

Installing and updating the EPICS software and configuration files

Scripts for initial configuration of the Glomations are in the git repository: see

Scripts for updating Glomations already in service are also in the git repository: see

More documentation should be added here. For now, hopefully the README files in the above directories are enough. If not, contact Andrzej for the initial config, Glenn for the updating.

Installing standard Debian packages using apt-get

Using apt-get on a Glomation outside the LArTF network

In this case, all you have to do is get it on a network with access to the internet and use apt-get normally.

Exception: if you get an error about not being able to contact, that is because has ceased operation.
You need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/multistrap-debian.list and change it to read

     deb [arch=armel] wheezy main 

Using apt-get on a Glomation on the LArTF private network

The LArTF private network 192.168.144.x has no gateway to the outside world. You need to create a proxy. Do this as follows.

1. Make sure that /etc/apt/sources.list.d/multistrap-debian.list contains deb [arch=armel] wheezy main . (See above.)
2. Create a file named /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/02httpproxy containing the following line:

   Acquire::http::Proxy "http://ubdaq-prod-smc-priv:8080/"; 

3. Run an http proxy server on ubdaq-prod-smc that accepts connections on port 8080.

We don't have a proxy server officially installed, but you can use

python ~gahs/opt/PythonProxy/

and it will work. You can kill it when you're done updating.