SMC - How to start your own CSS gui

How to run the Control System Studio gui on your own account AND get the MicroBooNE slowmoncon displays.

In what follows, ubdaq-prod-ws02 can replace ubdaq-prod-ws01 anywhere.

1. Log into ubdaq-prod-ws01.

If you are off-site, please note special instructions for remote access on the following wiki pages: Slowmoncon VNC connection linux, Slowmoncon VNC connection windows, and Slowmoncon VNC connection Mac

2. Set up the software as follows:

source ~ubooneshift/

3. Optionally copy files into your CSS workspace*, then start the gui using


Multiple users can run simultaneously without conflict, as each gets their own workspace. Changes made will not propagate to the ubooneshift account workspace.

  • * Only if you have never run a CSS gui under your own account before**, then do the following:
       mkdir -p $HOME/.ControlSystemStudio/krb5--as-$(whoami)-on-ubdaq-prod-ws01/
       cp -a /home/ubooneshift/.ControlSystemStudio/krb5--as-ubooneshift-on-ubdaq-prod-ws01/CSS \
       mkdir -p $HOME/.eclipse/
       cp -a /home/ubooneshift/.eclipse/  \
  • ** Only if you have run the CSS gui under your own account before and you want to overwrite your CSS workspace setup with the latest one in use on the ubooneshift account, then first remove or rename your CSS directory using "rm" or "mv". After doing that, you can execute the cp command above. E.g.,
       mv $HOME/.ControlSystemStudio/krb5--as-$(whoami)-on-ubdaq-prod-ws01/CSS \
       cp -a /home/ubooneshift/.ControlSystemStudio/krb5--as-ubooneshift-on-ubdaq-prod-ws01/CSS \

Each of the above approaches will replace a subdirectory named .metadata with one copied from the ubooneshift account's CSS workspace that should include all the current correct settings for accessing the database, shared security store, etc.

Power users can alter individual files in the CSS subdirectory of the CSS workspace directory above, e.g., copy in new OPI files obtained from git, copy out files, etc.

Note: in order for all of the above to work, permissions have to be set correctly in a number of directories.
All the directories have the correct permissions as of October 31, 2014.
If you suspect this has changed, see the Directories and files section later on this page.

4. Once you have the CSS gui running, you may be prompted to "Enter the secure storage password", particularly if you open a Data Browser or the Alarm Panel. You can find this password in the Project tab of the ECL together with all the other passwords.
If you are not prompted to enter a secure storage password or if you see that the password authentication fails automatically and you cannot access history data, it means that the passwords at various places for various settings are not set, copying the following file will do that for you:
(You would just need to do this once ever and it stays there for you even if you update or copy the ubooneshift files again.)

cp /home/ubooneshift/.eclipse/  $HOME/.eclipse/

How to run and view the shared Control System Studio gui on the shared ubooneshift account.

See SMC startup

Directories and files

As of 2015/05/07, the only directory you need full read-write access to is $HOME/.ControlSystemStudio.