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h1. Run Plan

h2. Contacts

|_. Contact |_. Number |_. Alt Number |
| Shifter | 1 (937) 582-6663 | 1(937) 5-UBOONE |
| Backup Shifter | 1 (978) 822-2582 | 9788 BACK UB |
| RunCo (Kevin) | 425-318-9990 | |
| Deputy RunCo (Pip) | 224-253-2345 | |

[[SLC_-_Guide#Which-expert-to-call-for-which-alarm| Link to which experts to call in case of other alarms]]

h2. Run Configuration

h3. Summary

We are currently entering an outage period. The current schedule and checklist is here: .

For the evening and owl shifts, since the detector is going to be mostly ramped down, please keep an eye on slow controls. The cryo team should be accessing the system for shutdown at 10pm. Please fill out the access form as usual. The outage starts at 6:30AM on Friday. The owl shifter should thus be ready for action at 6:00AM. In the intervening periods, as usual, keep an eye on slow controls. Thanks for your patience during this potentially boring time.

h3. Run Control

|_. Configuration |_. Config ID |_. Time [min] |
| Zig-Zag Noise Run Configuration | 633 | 5 |
| ASIC config to unmask noise on FT6 | 630 | 5 |
| ASIC config to return FT6 to normal operation | 631 | 5 |

Configs 630 and 631 are misnamed and will be deleted after this period of works is over. They are not to be used for the 5 minute noise runs; only recorded here for posterity when we want to come out of the zig-zag testing configuration.

h2. Notes on current operations:

* We've been getting dewpoint alarms. The alarm limits are set more conservative than the cryo system's heater control. Therefore this is only a problem if the alarms persist for more than 30 minutes.
* Similarly, the ZMON has been throwing *frequent* alarms. The relevant expert has been informed and investigations are ongoing.
* While Jose is transferring SN data (he'll notify via the gchat), some seb*_memfree alarms may occur intermittently.
* CRT Crate Rails alarms (uB_CrateRails_CRTUtil*) can be ignored until this line is removed from the run plan.

h2. Additional Shifter Requirements:

* Please follow the [[Shift_turnover]] procedures
* At the end of your shift, please post a plot of the last 8 hours of variable: uB_Cryo_IFIX_1_0/PT102
** Minor oscillations below 0.1psig are indicative of the LN2 dewar refilling. This is normal.
** A small spike every 7 hours is expected. Example:
* During access to the detector:
** Please fill out a Beginning of Detector Access and End of Detector Access Form.
** If the "keytree" alarm occurs, and the persons accessing the platform have not called the shifter first, then call LArTF to find out who is accessing the detector. If no one answers, call the runco.
** Detector platform access must be cleared by runcos.
** At the end of detector access, please acknowledge the keybank incomplete alarm.

h2. In Case of Cryo Alarms

All the cryo related alarms from either iFix or slow controls should be documented by shifters in ECL with the alarm variable names.

If a shifter does not receive a call within 15 minutes of seeing a MAJOR cryo alarm:
* Call the Run Coodinator
* If the Run Coordinator cannot be reached
** During Daytime Operating Hours (8am - 10pm CDT)
*** Call the cryo experts in the order listed on the expert call list:
** During nighttime hours:
*** Email the cryo experts