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h1. Run Plan - last updated: (check "history":/redmine/projects/uboone-operations/wiki/Run_plan/history)

h2. +All shifters are required to be very familiar with this page.+
+Do not hesitate to contact the Run Cos with questions.+

h2. Contacts

|_. Contact |_. Number |_. Alt Number |
| Shifter | 1 (937) 582-6663 | 1(937) 5-UBOONE |
| Backup Shifter | 1 (978) 822-2582 | 9788 BACK UB |
| %{color:red} *OFF-CALL*:% %{color:green} *ON-CALL*:% RunCo (Zarko) | (630) 276-9061 | |
| %{color:green} *ON-CALL*:% Deputy RunCo (Ralitsa) | (617) 230-2978 | |

h2. %{color:orange} Refresh this page Now. Click here: [[Run plan]]%

[[SLC_-_Guide#Which-expert-to-call-for-which-alarm| Link to which experts to call in case of other alarms]]

h2. Current Activities

* The BNB status page after running for a while reports 502 Bad Gateway. Refresh the page it that happens. Experts have been notified about this issue.

* Some of the asics are misconfigured, and the number of channels with pedestal width lower than 0.8 is higher than 410, and usually between 410 and 460 for runs longer than 10min. Experts are aware, no need to notify experts when doing checklist.

* H2O monitor uB_Cryo_IFIX_1_0/AT608 sometimes rises due to outside dewar being filled or due to pressure variations. No need to call, email/slack runco if in alarm.

* N2 monitor uB_Cryo_IFIX_1_0/AT610 is in alarm and a known issue. The Ar in outside dewar has higher than usual N2 concentration. It can be acknowledged if it reappears. No need to call, email/slack runco.

* uB_OnDetPower_TPCPS_1_5_404/CURR_READ alarm is acknowledged. Experts are aware.

* Beam returned end of October. We are back to running Beam on configurations.

* If you see a *uB_DAQStatus_DAQX/sn_read_lag_multiplicity* alarm:
** Check whether it is an old alarm that is still latched. If it has a %{color:green} green% OK status box you can acknowledge it.
** *Check whether the run is crashing/restarting.* This alarm is frequently triggered by the run stopping (for any reason). It is generally not the cause of a run crash.
** If the alarm persists for a few minutes without the run stopping/restarting:
*** If it's a minor alarm, elog which SEB is having the sn_read_lag alarm and add the readout expert to the elog entry recipient list.
*** If it's a major alarm, restart the run once and elog it as above. If the major alarm returns, then call the readout expert.
** (For more details see:

* If you are *local* and you notice the yellow computer slowing down (cr-02):
1. Check the "about:performance" tab in the browser. (If the tab is not open, just type "about:performance" in the address line of a new tab). See (and make note of) if any of the web apps are performing poorly.
2. Close and restart any pages that are performing poorly, or just close and reopen all Firefox windows.
3. Email or Slack message (don't call) the run coordinator and tell them which app was causing the slow down.

h2. Run Control

|_. Configuration |_. Config ID |_. Time [min] |
| Physics_EXT16Hz | 809 | 420 |

h2. Notes on current operations

* Fill in the usual shift checklist during the shift 2 hours in and 2 hours before end of shift.

* *General procedure:* some troubleshooting instructions advocate to stop and restart the run to fix a problem. It is good to do so +only once.+ If stopping and restarting didn't work at the first try, please get in touch with the relevant experts (or the Run Co) and +wait for their clearance before stopping and restarting again.+

* *Before resetting the PUBS, please ensure there are no PUBS errors being displayed* - if there are, please report this to the Data Management expert (via email) before resetting.

* If you make an elog entry about online monitor or runcat checks failing, upload a screenshot of the plot with the entry.

h2. Additional Shifter Requirements:

* Please inform the Run Coordinator(s) if
** you see any DAQ instabilities, or
** the mean run duration gets smaller than 2h, or
** you receive any information from MCR about the beam, or
** there is any mismatch between beam triggers and beam spills (dots and lines of the same color in the nearline trigger monitor).

* Please do not forget to check your runs in the RunCat.

* *Please fill out the Offline Production Checklist* at 9am and 9pm every day.
There are instruction on how to fill this out on this page:
** *Please note that the offline production checklist has been modified.* The content is essentially the same, but if you've done it before, it will look different now. Also, now you email the checklist itself to the offline production listserv rather than composing a separate email.

* *Please remember to fill in the CI validation check-list* once per shift block (on Mondays and Fridays)
There are instructions on how to check the plots on this page:

* Please follow the [[Shift_turnover]] procedures

* During access to the detector:
** Make sure the Run Co's were informed of the access (Slack chat or call).
** Detector platform access must be cleared by Run Co's.
** Please fill out a Beginning of Detector Access and End of Detector Access Form.
** If the "keytree" alarm occurs, and the persons accessing the platform have not called or do not call the shifter within ~5 minutes, then call LArTF to find out who is accessing the detector. If no one answers, call the runco.
** Please remind to the people making the access to call you back when they are done with their work in the pit.
** At the end of detector access, please acknowledge the keybank incomplete alarm.

* If you happen to see a pretty event in the event display, take a screenshot!

h2. What should I do if I see alarms during my shift?

Have a look at this wiki page: [[What to do in case of alarms during a shift]]

Expert contact information: