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All shifters are required to be very familiar with this page.
Do not hesitate to contact the Run Cos with questions.


Contact Number Alt Number
Shifter 1 (937) 582-6663 1(937) 5-UBOONE
Backup Shifter 1 (978) 822-2582 9788 BACK UB
ON-CALL: RunCo (Ryan) 1 (808) 780-2705
ON-CALL: Deputy RunCo (Rob)

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Link to which experts to call in case of other alarms

Current Activities

  • R&D Update (2/9 - 2/19): we are in the midst of an R&D study related to detector grounding. The detector is on, and we are taking data in varying configurations. There is a physical connection between detector and building ground at LArTF, so shifters may see major and minor ZMON alarms. The ZMON alarm has been acknowledged, but pops back up occasionally and you can re-acknowledge it.
  • Detector was put into Safe Mode on Sat March 21 starting from 1PM CT. This means that TPC HV, Wire Bias, PMT HV, DAQ, CRT DAQ and CRT LV are all turned down. Cryo systems, ASIC LV, PUBS, ZMON and Slow Monitoring still remain on.
  • In Safe Mode the shifter is required to fill in the dedicated checklist 2 hr before the end of the shift. In order to fill in the checklist you will need to open SlowMon VNC. You do not need to keep SlowMon VNC open other than when filling in checklists.
  • In Safe Mode DAQ will be stopped, so QC/QA plots will not update.
  • In the Safe Mode checklist you will be asked to report SlowMon alarms related to Cryo, ASIC LV, PUBS and ZMON. Below is a list of alarms you do not need to report and can acknowledge. You can ignore acknowledged alarms when filling in the checklist.
    • uB_ZMON_ZMON_1/short_ok is firing occasionally due to noisy building ground
    • H2O monitor uB_Cryo_IFIX_1_0/AT608 sometimes rises due to outside dewar being filled or due to pressure variations.
    • uB_OnDetPower_TPCPS_1_5_404/CURR_READ alarm is due to a misconfigured ASIC
    • ub_BeamData_TRIG/Age alarm or E:BNBHT1 beam related alarm is safe to acknowledge as well.

Run Control

Once a week, as well as after each cryostat LAr top-off, PMT expert on-call will take a 5 min PMT-only run.
Configuration Config ID Time [min]
PMT_noTPC_c12_20Hz 827 5

Additional Shifter Requirements:

  • Please fill out the Offline Production Checklist at 9am and 9pm every day.
    There are instruction on how to fill this out on this page:
    • Please note that the offline production checklist has been modified. The content is essentially the same, but if you've done it before, it will look different now. Also, now you email the checklist itself to the offline production listserv rather than composing a separate email.
  • During access to the detector:
    • Fermilab on-site access is currently restricted to select people on an access list. Inform RunCos about LArTF access requests.
    • Please fill out a Beginning of Detector Access and End of Detector Access Form.
    • If the "keytree" alarm occurs, and the persons accessing the platform have not called or do not call the shifter within ~5 minutes, then call LArTF to find out who is accessing the detector. If no one answers, call the runco.
    • Please remind to the people making the access to call you back when they are done with their work in the pit.
    • At the end of detector access, please acknowledge the keybank incomplete alarm.

What should I do if I see alarms during my shift?

Have a look at this wiki page: What to do in case of alarms during a shift

Expert contact information: