Run Catalogue

  • At the start of your shift, sign in to the Run Catalogue. (This link will not work on the GREEN machine, due to proxy settings.)
    • Press "start shift" and fill in your name and shift type. This sets your name as the user responsible for making the check.
  • Check each run after it finishes by clicking the "Needs check" link next to the run number. For each plot, determine whether the data is good quality, by comparing to the reference run.
    • Clicking on "diff" shows the difference between the reference run and the current run. * Runs should not be flagged as bad for individual TPC channels, though groups of bad TPC channels should be cause for alarm
  • Unchecked runs that have completed should be highlighted in yellow/orange. Auto-refresh on Firefox can cause unchecked runs not to be highlighted - if you see this, a manual refresh should fix it.